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Solar 2

Solar 2 Review | Welcome To The Universe!

Jonathan Lester
Indie Games, Murudai, PC games, Solar 2, Xbox Live Indie Games
Solar 2 | PC

solar 2 banner

Platforms: PC | Xbox Live Indie

Developer: Murudai

The original Solar pushed the boundaries of what could be accomplished with the tight file size restrictions of the Xbox Live Indie marketplace... and its glorious sequel justifiably earned our praise as our Xbox Live Indie Game Of The Week. However, a couple of hundred words is simply not enough to do it justice. Solar 2 offers players the entire universe on a plate to create and destroy on a whim... and since it's also available on PC, we simply have to give this staggering Indie gem the attention it richly deserves.

Players begin as a humble unassuming asteroid that can be steered around the vast infinity of space on a 2D plane using responsive gamepad or mouse controls. It's an inauspicious beginning, but the objective is to increase your mass by colliding with space junk and fellow asteroids. Doing so will eventually accrue enough mass for you to turn into a planetesimal, where your new-found gravitational pull can attract more asteroids and moons into orbit that can be subsumed into your greedy, ever-expanding bulk. Deeply impressive physics modelling means that your interstellar neighbours react realistically to your gravitational field - and that approaching objects too quickly can result in catastrophic collisions or slingshot manoeuvres that will send your erstwhile planet food hurtling into deep space.


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