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Sonic Unleashed £9.98 @ Game [Xbox 360 Game]

Felix Kemp
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Xbox 360

Sonic Unleashed £9.98 @ Game [Xbox 360 Game]

Enjoy old-school Sonic racing, replete with loop-the-loops, bounce-pads and thrilling laps, by catching Sonic Unleashed from Game for only £9.98!

Bolted through a price-comparison, Game's deal for Sonic Unleashed easily outpaced its rivals as the cheapest you can find! Sonic Unleashed earned a dissapointing 60/100 on MetaCritic, with critics citing the 'Werehog' sections, where Sonic transforms into a wolf-like Stretch Armstrong, as the game's downfall, with even the old-school pseudo-3D racing portions unable to rescue its rating!

In Sonic Unleashed, the nefarious Dr Eggman is at it again, splitting the world apart for some strange reason. In order to repair his fractured home, Sonic must collect the fabled Chaos Emeralds. To do so, he must run really fast through sun-baked adobe towns with improbable loops and desolate stretches of road. But when the full moon rises, Sonic transforms into the aforementioned Werehog, and instead of running past robots really fast, he must hit robots really hard.

The differences between the racing and 'Werehog' sections are night and day - Get it? -. With the race-sections a nostalgic recreation of old-school Sonic many of us fell in love with, the 'Werehog' bits simply reek of another Sega attempt at 'broadening their audience', hoping to cash in on the success of God of War with tacked-on hack-and-slash combat. It seems with every Sonic game, Sega take one step forward, and a couple of steps back.Sonic Unleashed £9.98 @ Game [Xbox 360 Game]

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Shelby  Aug. 15, 2009 at 19:54

I personaly thought the game was great, the backgrounds were stunning, the Werehog was "meh....". Werehog levels were a bit hard, but its a first time for that kinda stuff? I mean,SEGA wants to show there customers new gameplay, and they did. First time punching crap for Sonic. All he does is run,run, spin dash, jump. I have an idea for SEGA , why don't they hold a contest for the next game plot? I mean, they MUST have writers block or somthing. SEGA, if your reading this, take my advice, please hold a contest. or if your going to introduce a new character, ohld a contest for his or her deisign! :D


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