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Sony CEO: Vita Sales "At The Low End Of What We Expected"

Jonathan Lester
PS Vita, Sony

Sony CEO: Vita Sales "At The Low End Of What We Expected"

Kaz Hirai Positive In Face Of Slow Vita Uptake

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has admitted that PlayStation Vita sales haven't exactly been healthy since its launch last year, but that there's still demand for the powerful dedicated handheld.

"I would say [Vita sales are] on the low end of what we expected,” Hirai told the Wall Street Journal after a CES presentation. However, he continued to suggest that consoles can't be deemed sucessful or unsuccessful until several years into their lifespans, using the initially-sluggish PS3 as an example, stating "long-term is what is important."

In follow-up comments made to The Verge, Hirai contended that many gamers still want dedicated gaming handhelds, and that The Vita will be able to compete with the ever-expanding smartphone and tablet market.

"Based on the consumer feedback that we've been receiving, there is certainly a very large segment of the video game market that wants to play immersive games on a dedicated device, as opposed to playing casual games on smartphones," he responded.

"Between that and home-based consoles as well, they're not going to go away any time soon."

Worldwide Vita sales reportedly stood at 2.2 million in June 2012, with many potential buyers concerned about the lack of consistent software support. Sony will have to significantly step things up this year after what can only be described as a hopeless Christmas offering, perhaps with a rumoured price cut.

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anonski  Jan. 9, 2013 at 12:15

Whats needs to change
1. Cut the price of memory sticks or allows 3rd party ones.
2. Cut the price of Games - they can disagree all they want about this, they can hike the price up once they have a successful console and a decent second hand market exists. Games for my PS3 are at the same price as the Vita version, same price, less game - nuff said.

Whats good
1. PS plus on console is brilliant.
2. x-play is ace - IF more people get on board with it.
3. Vita as PS3 contoller - how come we need to pay for lbp x-play controller option though, double standards.

alababaju  Jan. 9, 2013 at 12:51

The size and design of the PS Vita is the killer for me. It's a bit too thick and doesn't look as nice as a PSP. A lot of non casual games are using the touchscreen when I thought that option would have been left so the console could play casual touch-centric games like Angry Birds. I don't like how FIFA or Uncharted use touchscreen controls. Plus the fact that I'm perfectly happy with my PSP and still have some old good games to play means I'll give this a miss. I wish Sony all the best though as I don't want to see the portable gaming marked die or fall to Nintendo's kid centred handhelds alone. If they release a slimmer PS Vita (something Sony has done with every single one of their previous consoles handheld or not), I'll be interested. Also, please the memory card debacle....

ChrisMac21  Jan. 9, 2013 at 12:58

I would like to see a skateboarding or a bmx game and more cross play support.

Tsung  Jan. 9, 2013 at 13:51

OMG the memory card prices are total rip off. My experience with the VITA :- Before Christmas I was handed one to set-up for my nephew for Christmas.. It came with a 4gb Memory card and Fifa 13 (download).

After charging it, setting it up was a total pain in the ****. Pick a username, I entered one, it was taken.. Rather than give me some options, I had to re-enter a different username until I got lucky. Yeah thanks Sony for a total waste of 30 minutes guessing usernames.

When it asked for my date of birth I got suspicious, double checked and sure enough it is used to age restrict the games available. The fact there are parent controls as well didn't seem to bother Sony.. My 10yo nephew is now 18yo and his parents will control what he plays using common sense.

Then I finally got to the point of downloading the game, 2.8gb of the 4gb used. It downloaded so SLOWLY I left it overnight (got 100mb Virgin media, which works at 100mb). It was so bad that I couldn't install the "Free" games that came with the console as the memory card didn't have enough room on it.

Personally if I was asked before hand if they should of bought the VITA I would of told them no. My experience has re-enforced my believe it is overpriced and clunky.

Still luckly for my Nephew & for Xmas day I went thro' the pain of setting it all up so all he had to do was open the box, turn it on, and play FIFA 13.

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