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Sony E3 2011 Conference | Bioshock Infinite On PS Move & NGP

Felix Kemp
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Bioshock Infinite

Sony E3 2011 Conference | Bioshock Infinite On PS Move & NGP

Sony just treated us to a Bioshock Infinite trailer at their annual E3 conference, showcasing the brilliantly realized world of Colombia and the potentially fascinating relationship between Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth. It was explosive, tantalizing stuff. But they weren't finished; Ken Levine then took to the stage, addressing his recent criticism of Playstation Move. Apparently, it attracted the interest of Sony. Instead of just implementing Move support, which they did, Irrational went one step further, too.

Nothing was shown of the Bioshock Infinite NGP title itself, but Levine confirmed it'll be playable on the show floor. He did warn us, however, that it's still very rough, and Levine came across as nervous and pretty hasty. Although maybe it was all the 3D spec-wearing audience members staring up at him. Matt and Jon will get their hands on this I'm sure.

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Jamie  Jun. 7, 2011 at 02:37

They said they're working on a Bioshock title for the NGP, not Infinite. I'm also pretty sure it's Bioshock Infinite on the PS3 that's playable on the show floor, not the Bioshock PSVita title.

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