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Sony E3 2011 Conference | NGP Now Officially PS Vita

Felix Kemp
E3 2011, Games news, Playstation Vita, PS Vita

Sony E3 2011 Conference | NGP Now Officially PS Vita

We've been reporting it for a while now, but Sony has confirmed the NGP has officially been re-dubbed the PS Vita. That's 'vee-tah', which is Italian for 'life', according to Kaz Hirai. Thanks for that, Kaz. He went on to boasts of the Vita's newfangled features, such as dual analogue sticks, groundbreaking portable tech and AT&T support for American users.

The AT&T news is sure to delight US owners, and ties in with the Vita's new chat function. On the go, in a game, it doesn't matter. You can here, there and everywhere - as long as you have connection. Pricing is set to be announced soon. Sony also revealed Near, a new local multiplayer option, and Party Room, a chat and play function.

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