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Sony E3 2011 Conference | Star Trek Details Announced

Josh Clark
E3 2011, Paramount, Sony, Star Trek

Sony E3 2011 Conference | Star Trek Details Announced

Paramount and Bad Robot have joined forces to bring gamers the plainly titled 'Star Trek', which will coincide with the release of the JJ Abrams film next year.  Featuring content exclusive to the Playstation Network, a Move peripheral styled to look like the famous 'phaser' will also be released.  The title will run with an original storyline, but use the likenesses of stars from the upcoming film.

The game will be a co-op action adventure, which sounds promising enough on paper, and is said to 'capture the authenticity of the brand'.  Interestingly, Paramount will also be offering a full downloadable prequel to the title only on the Playstation Network.  Rest assured we'll be getting our hands on the game as soon as possible and be bringing you our take on the title every Trekkie will be waiting for.

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David Brown  Jun. 7, 2011 at 10:58

Not every trekkie...

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