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Sony E3 2011 Conference | Uncharted 3 On-Stage Demo

Felix Kemp
E3 2011, Games news, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Sony E3 2011 Conference | Uncharted 3 On-Stage Demo

Like Microsoft, Sony didn't waste much time opening their conference with a bang, unveiling an all new level of Uncharted 3 to the assembled masses. Limping across a luxury yacht docked in a harbor, Drake infiltrates its opulent interior, silently offing a few goons as a flickering chandelier casts inconsistent light. Outside, tumultuous waves under a stormy sky rock the boat.

It's a quiet affair, all neck-breaks and creeping dread, with Naughty Dog employing clever lighting tricks to alert you to guard locations. Drake finds himself above a hangar of sorts, demonstrating his insane platforming acumen to reach the bottom fifty feet below.

He's then surrounded by goons, the rattle of rifles assembled in his direction. However, being the cunning combatant that he is, Drake disarms a henchmen and lobs a grenade at the others. A car crashes into the wall, rupturing the hull and sending sea water rushing in. The water rises perilously as Drake trades gunfire with his foe, mixing careful gunshots with brutal takedowns.

Too late, however, as the water fills the hangar and plunges him underwater. He climbs to the surface, mantling a crate to reach an escape route. The whole of the ship is upside down now, distorting our perception of things. A quick QTE segment as Drake removes a heavy-looking object pinning him to the floor underwater.

He swims through an escape hatch, finally reaching dry - sort of - land. But not before a wall of water crashes in through the back, as Drake sprints towards the camera as the sea seeks to claim him. It was a fantastic demo, if a little standard in terms of what we've come to expect from Uncharted.

And Naughty Dog, on-stage, revealed Subway will be offering exclusive codes in October to access the full multiplayer arena in Uncharted 3. Not sure if this applies to our shores. They then unveiled a 3D trailer for the game, cutting already-seen footage with glimpses of ancient cities sprawling across the desert, aircraft hangars and explosive set-pieces. We're psyched; what about you?

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