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Sony: All Existing PS4 Pre-Orders Guaranteed Before Christmas

Jonathan Lester
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Sony: All Existing PS4 Pre-Orders Guaranteed Before Christmas

"So Long As Nothing Goes Terribly Wrong"

Even if you pre-ordered a PS4 after the August 5th deadline, Sony UK MD Fergal Gara promises that your console will arrive in time for Christmas if not at launch. Presumably due to an exclusive deal with a certain S. Claus.

CVG asked Gara whether the PS4 would face a stock shortage this Christmas, considering the massive demand for Sony's new machine. However, the exec is confident that -- barring any major last-minute problems -- everyone who pre-ordered a console should receive one before Christmas.

"Well, it depends on time frame," he said. "Within the first two to three months from launch, we will undoubtedly have ample volume to service any forecasts we have on sales. However, there may well be tight supplies at Christmas, I can see a bit of a pinch point around that time.

"The metric that we use is the pre-order demand curve, and we've used our past five console launches as a reference point. Everyone who has put down a pre-order so far will definitely get one before Christmas, as long as nothing goes terribly wrong."

"If things keep going well we'll delight even more people on day one," Gara continued. "We don't want to over-promise and under-deliver, we want to do the opposite."

Only PS4 pre-orders made before August 5th are guaranteed to arrive at launch (November 29th), but this is fantastic news for everyone else. Whether Sony can supply retailers with enough units to shift to the last-minute present buying crowd is another matter entirely, though - and we suspect that a certain Nintendo console will be looking to exploit the demand for Christmas presents with a low price point and units to spare.

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CCISF  Nov. 29, 2013 at 18:54

I wanted to get a PS4 for my October the 5th birthday present, but I haven't got one yet. I didn't pre-order the system in time and am hoping to get one.

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