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Sony Granted Access To GeoHot's PayPal Account

Matt Gardner
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Federal magistrate Joseph Spero has permitted Sony to subpoena the PayPal account of everyone's favourite hacker George Hotz to try and acquire 'documents sufficient to identify the source of funds in California that went into any PayPal account associated with [email protected] for the period of 1st January, 2009, to 1st February, 2011' so they can determine in which state Hotz should be brought to trial. According to Wired, on top of that 'Sony has also won subpoenas for data from YouTube and Google, as well as Twitter account data linked to Hotz, who goes by the handle GeoHot.'

This comes a mere fortnight after Sony was granted the rights to extract the IP addresses of anyone who had visited Hotz's website from January 2009 onwards. Hotz has repeatedly denied receiving donations for his contributions to busting consoles wide open, although he now stands accused of breaching the infamous Digital Millennium Copyright Act, not to mention a few other laws, after his website published an encryption key and software tools that allowed PlayStation owners to take full control of their consoles. Hotz has since complied with the court order and removed the hack, although Sony are still pursuing him for undisclosed damages.

Why the hell no-one's hired him is beyond me. I swear to god that's what shady corporations and government bodies used to do. Maybe.

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ODB  Mar. 17, 2011 at 12:12

TBH I think Sony are just making themselves look bad in this whole thing. They have pissed off tons of people by removing the option of customising and then the guy cracks it to allow that functionality and now they are trying to bury him. Obvo dont want him stopped they want him destroyed to put anyone else off

I really hope the next MS console has all the stuff it needs to destroy Sony in the next console war. Say what you want about MS but they've pretty muched embraced the modding community

For the record I dont mod...never have, never will. I dont agree with the piracy thing BUT if you can improve the system or add functionality to it then fair play cause in the long run we all benefit as they incorporate it into the console. Perfect example is the way MS have sent out the coding for the Kinect and people have improved it massively, smart move cause they get the improvements made for them (ie NO COSTS) so they can incorporate this into the update and/or the next console

Perhaps MS should hire Mr Hotz...

Gunn  Mar. 17, 2011 at 12:28

I agree that Sony are heavy handed on this but maybe if they are successful it will be a turning point.

Not sure that MS really embraced the modding scene, Kinect was being exploited from day one, they didn't really have much choice, no firmware update was going to stop it from working when plugged into a PC. And are you not more disappointed that MS have not tried very hard to stop modding or piracy, I think they've banned the odd XBL account but I've not heard/seen much hardware revisions or FW updates to sort it.

I hope I see a console from both companies in the next generation otherwise its gonna be pretty bland!

martyj999  Mar. 17, 2011 at 13:05

paypal account info reveals no more than an email address, some guy called [email protected],


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