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Sony Planning PS3 Price Reduction?

Jonathan Lester
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PS3 Slow To Grow Thanks To High Price Point

Sony Planning PS3 Price Reduction?

The PS3's staggering launch price is still the butt of many a sarcastic comment and immature joke, but as things stand, the 320GB SKU retails at a £285 price point. It's relatively good value... but after slashing the price of PSPs over in the states, Sony is dropping hints about doing the same for their home consoles over here. Apparently the PS3's expansion was restricted by its hefty RRP, and Sony may now be gearing up to snare some more consumers with a price reduction.

Speaking to Official Playstation Magazine, SCEE head honcho boss Ray Maguire admits that the PS3's whopping price tag held them back in terms of establishing an early consumer base, but that it was simply impossible to reduce the price over the last few years. "Hopefully," though, this may all be about to change.

PS3 has taken longer than PS2 to establish itself simply because of the cost of the product. It's been a challenge for us to get the costs down over the years. The retail price has been more than we would have liked... Hopefully the price might still come down.

Let's hope so. Maguire continued to state that the PS3's feature set justifies its higher price, while providing value through future-proofing and firmware updates.

It gets adopted, then it gets redeveloped, so you keep on upgrading everything as you go along. I think that's part of its success and the longevity of it. I did think we were taking a big risk in PS3 by making it so heavy featured. As it turned out, I now think it was a stroke of genius, because it's given PS3 the ability to go on year after year.

There's no doubt that 2011 is set to be an impressive year for Playstation exclusives... and a price drop might just secure Sony enough support to truly make this "the year of the PS3." It's been a long time coming, and we'll keep you posted. [OPM via CVG]

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Jaffo  Mar. 13, 2011 at 19:28

When all those VAT free deals were doing the rounds a few weeks ago, it was rumoured a price drop was coming about now. If you could pick up a 160GB version for £170 or less (which was the rumour) I'd probably go for one as a DVD/Blu-Ray player with the ability to play the odd game on.

Paul Andrews  Mar. 15, 2011 at 13:04

I agree entirely with Jaffo. £170 would represent good value, and would make the system competative. I'd be interested to see their sales, but with the amazing X-box deals around at the moment they must be losing ground.

Matt Gardner  Mar. 15, 2011 at 13:30

Microsoft can afford to produce some excellent console deals - the machine itself was never particularly expensive to build in the first place. And, with Kinect staying strong at a £100+ price point (though Zavvi's listing has just dropped into double figures), itself not made of hugely expensive parts and selling very well indeed, their profits are probably rather enviable.

£170 would represent fantastic value for a 160GB model, particularly with the additional features Sony have been introducing to PSN and PSN+. As a media player the PS3 utterly spanks the 360.


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