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Sony And Polish Dev Plastic Working On Mysterious Move Title

Felix Kemp
Odd Forest, Plastic, Sony Santa Monica Studios

Fondle Trees And Statues...

Here's a weird one for you. Sony Santa Monica, developers of the God of War series, and Polish developers Plastic, who developed the Demoscene PS3 exclusive, Linger in Shadow, appear to be working together on a quite unusual Playstation Move title. Dubbed 'Odd Forest', it has you wandering around a fog-blanketed forest in first person, fondling trees and statues with the on-screen hand icon. It's baffling, to say the least.

Plastic have since got in touch with Eurogamer regarding a Neogaf poster who surmised it was indeed the Polish devs behind the mysterious title, working in conjunction with Sony Santa Monica. "We all at Plastic admire the speed and style of NeoGAF member Toppot, who managed to combine the hints and classify us as a developer of next Santa Monica Studio production," reads the statement. "We also encourage you to find the game title. We are planting the seeds now…"

We smell a viral campaign! Get hunting, Dealspwners! The first poster to come back with some solid evidence pertaining to Odd Forest gets a prize. Although I'm not sure I have permission to provide, nor promise, such a thing... Forget the prize. [Youtube]

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