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Sony Posts Gloomy Q1 Financials, Smokescreens Vita Sales

Jonathan Lester
Financials, Sony, Vita

Sony Posts Gloomy Q1 Financials, Smokescreens Vita Sales

Sony's quarterly financial report makes for an uncomfortable read, with sales down across their gaming division and a prediction that operating income will "decrease significantly". More worrying still, they're refusing to reveal Vita sales, causing us to wonder just how popular their premium handheld really is.

Game division sales fell by 14.5% compared to last year, resulting in a loss of £28.69 million. This massively contrasts with a positive figure £33.62 million in Q1 2011. According to Sony, this slump is due to waning PS3 and PSP sales, "partially offset by the contribution of the PlayStation Vita introduced from December 2011."

But just how much did the Vita contribute? Sony aren't willing to say, instead lumping sales figures in with the PSP. Even combined, the number stands at 1.4 million, which is 400,000 less than the PSP managed on its own in Q1 2011. Combined software sales also dropped from 6.6 million to 5.8 million, with the former figure again reflecting only PSP sales. Many gamers are becoming somewhat disgruntled at the lack of upcoming major releases (despite an exceptionally strong launch lineup) for the PS Vita- hopefully Sony can address this concern at Gamescom.

Sony has had to markedly reduce their projections for the upcoming year, predicting that their gaming division will be "essentially flat" and operating income will "decrease significantly."

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DivideByZero  Aug. 2, 2012 at 12:56

If your business is selling consoles then once everyone has one who wants one, then making them slimmer and cheaper is pretty pointless.

Same with MS, only so many themed console releases you have till everyone has one (as cute as the R2D2 one is).

Then you need to release the next generation.

This is NOT a timeless generation model. This generation is not built to last. Next gen needed. Simple.

As for Vita... I have never been bothered about mobile gaming. I drive. I own a house. Gaming on the go is pointless for me. We all expected Vita sales to be poor though, so this is hardly shock news.

Last edited by DivideByZero, Aug. 2, 2012 at 12:57

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