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Sony Pre-Gamescom Preview Event: Epic Party, Light on Surprises

Jonathan Lester
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Gran Turismo 5

Sony Pre-Gamescom Preview Event: Epic Party, Light on Surprises

Say what you want about Sony... but they know how to throw one hell of a party. The best shindigs are extremely exclusive affairs that take hours to get into- and true to form, it took over an hour and a half to cram the auditorium full of us tired journalists. Inside, however, awaited a playground paradise of free chemical-free German lager, plates of piping hot haute cuisine and the crop of the gaming press. Tell you what, it made the flaccid wrap and pack of crisps that I picked up at the Microsoft Play day look a little bit... pathetic.

Unfortunately their presentation didn't quite live up to the epic scope of the festivities. For all the pomp, circumstance and free German lager, the Sony pitch didn't really tread a lot of new ground. Brendan's recently been spoiling us rotten with a series of previews that demonstrate most of Sony's impressive lineup- but since I'm jonesing for my news desk, there are a few pieces of important information that I need to bring to your attention.

First and foremost, Sony will be rolling out two new PS3 SKUs to coincide with the release of Playstation Move. A new 160Gb slim model will debut at the same price point as the current 120Gb offering and will gradually phase it out. A new 320Gb Model and a Move starter pack (including controller, subcontroller and Playstation Eye) will also be rolling out on September 15th... and considering the slightly increased price compared to the massive amount of extra tech, this is an absolute steal for first-time PS3 adopters.

Sony Pre-Gamescom Preview Event: Epic Party, Light on Surprises

Mubi, a film subscription service and community, will also be hitting the PS3. With a collection of mainstream, cult and classic movies on offer, this is likely to appeal to the hardcore cinema buff who's seen everything. ITV On Demand will also allow us to catch up with a bit of Corrie if the mood takes us.

Oh yeah, and this happened.

Sony Pre-Gamescom Preview Event: Epic Party, Light on Surprises

Thankfully, Insomniac stepped up to the plate at the end of the presentation to deliver a killer double threat. As detailed in our recent news roundups, evidence has been pointing towards Insomniac's mystery PS3 exclusive being either Resistance 3 or a new Ratchet & Clank title.

Turns out that it's both.

Insomniac revealed Ratchet & Clank: All Four One in a live demo. It's a cooperative platforming title that allows four players to team up, circumvent obstacles and kill some truly massive beasties. HD footage is on its way, don't worry folks!

Resistance 3 also graced us with a live action trailer. Expect more insane gunfights, epic weaponry and possibly a new focus on desperate refugees rather than diehard soldiers this time around.

The afterparty granted us hands-on access to a number of other upcoming games including Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood... and we'll be bringing you some tasty previews over this week as well as deciding the current victor of the motion control wars!

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