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Sony Preparing 'Biggest Campaign Ever' For PS Vita

Jonathan Lester
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Sony Preparing 'Biggest Campaign Ever' For PS Vita

Triple-A Support Will Continue Long After Launch

Last Friday, Sony's Andrew House admitted that the Playstation Vita's success is absolutely critical after an incredibly taxing year. Strong PS3 console sales were overshadowed by the PSN hacking scandal, Japanese earthquake and a horrendous loss across all of Sony's divisions, and they're taking no chances as far as advertising is concerned. Today brings us the news that the PS Vita's launch will be supported by the "biggest campaign [they've] ever executed," casting a net around both hardcore gamers, dedicated fans and potential new consumers who need to be tempted away from their smartphones. Not only that, but Sony pledge to make sure that the device receives decent software support this time around. Full quotes after the break.

Speaking to MCV, Vita's UK marketing manager Mark Bowles confirmed that the Vita Rooms hands-on campaign is just the start of a massive hype offensive designed to push the device's gaming pedigree compared to smartphones. The 'biggest campaign ever,' in fact.

The PS Vita launch will be supported by the biggest campaign we’ve ever executed, and this level of activity will continue throughout 2012, reflecting our confidence in, and commitment to the platform long term.

Our campaign will target gamers primarily, but also the new generation of tech enthusiasts and entertainment consumers who are used to playing games on their smartphones or tablets. What sets Vita apart is its ability to deliver PS3 quality gaming, in addition to the range of globally recognised triple-A software titles, which simply isn’t possible or aren’t available on any other existing portable.

Bowles also allayed our fears about whether the Vita's triple-A games portfolio would dry up after a year on the shelves. Apparently Sony has learned some harsh lessons from the PSP and will ensure that their new handheld is properly supported throughout its lifespan.

Lessons learnt from the PSP ensure that this commitment to delivering triple-A quality titles will continue unabated, with Resistance, LittleBigPlanet, Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty just a few of the big name titles and franchises coming to the PS Vita over the year ahead.

The PS Vita will be hitting the UK on February 22nd, and we couldn't be more excited. Despite those pricey memory cards.

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shaunh19731  Jan. 9, 2012 at 15:54

Sony say they've learnt their lessons from the PSP and yet they decide to put an expensive, propriety memory card in the Vita


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