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Is Sony Prepping An Assassin's Creed Film?

Felix Kemp
Assassin's Creed, Sony, Ubisoft

Is Sony Prepping An Assassin's Creed Film?

Ubisoft's Murder-Sim To Be A Movie?

The internet was abuzz with rumours this weekend that Sony had entered final negotiations to pick up the rights to an Assassin's Creed film from Ubisoft. We've had a slew of videogame films in the past, from flops like Mortal Kombat and Prince of Persia, to the moderately successful Tomb Raiders and the half a billion dollar grossing Resident Evil franchise. And now Sony appears to be back in the ring and swinging with Ubisoft's medieval murder-sim, with a slew of patents filed pertaining to just such a film.

However, the question is: who will it star? The bland as water crackers Crusades-era Altair? Or the smooth-talking, charismatic Ezio Auditore Di Firenze, who for my money is the best new protagonist this generation - sorry Nathan Drake, fans. Ubisoft have been making inroads towards an AC movie for a while now, producing a number of live-action short films off their own back to much success. It appears to have done the trick, catching Sony's eye who will be looking for a new franchise to milk. [Fusible]

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