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Sony: PS3 Getting "High Interest" From Lapsed Xbox 360 Owners

Jonathan Lester
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Sony: PS3 Getting "High Interest" From Lapsed Xbox 360 Owners

Sony exec John Koller believes that the PlayStation 3 is benefiting from "lapsed" Xbox 360 owners who are looking for a second console in the sunset of this generation.

"We have seen a very high interest rate from Xbox 360 consumers wanting to purchase a second console," Koller told Gamespot as part of a larger interview. "We've held up Uncharted 3 as our flagship product over the last year and it's a good opportunity for those types of consumers to come over and own a second console in their household."

"We saw the same kind of thing happen in reverse during the PS2 years when a lot of PS2 consumers said they wanted to get an Xbox because of Halo and some other games. So we think the strategy works and it's a good one."

Koller reckons that the new 4000 series 'super slim' PS3, bundled with games like Uncharted 3 and FIFA 13, will attract plenty of attention from Xbox 360 owners who, perhaps, are looking for something new to play.

Have any of you bought into the PS3 as a second console? With a number of innovative new games on the horizon and a strong back catalogue, it's certainly a tempting proposition.

Earlier this week, Koller also suggested that the PS3 and Vita makes the Wii U GamePad slightly redundant.

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