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Sony PSP 3000 + Monster Hunter Freedom Unite £99.99 @ GAME

Matt Gardner
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Sony PSP 3000 + Monster Hunter Freedom Unite £99.99 @ GAME

Well this is exciting. For one day only, GAME are offering their PSP 3000 Silver bundle, which comes along with the frankly excellent Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for just £99.99. I'm a big fan of the PSP 3000 over the UMD-less PSP Go and, with UMDs themselves plummeting ever lower, anyone looking to snaffle up a quick 'Best Of' library for the PSP has come just at the right moment.

As previously stated, GAME have informed us that this deal will only be running for one day only, so get your skates on. With the PSP Go still retailing for up around £180, and the PSP 3000 clocking in at around £110-120, this is an awesome deal for the hardware alone. Throw the game into the mix and you're looking of a saving of at least £30 all told.

Lighter, thinner, and with a better screen than the old brick-like PSPs, the 3000 series is, for me, the ultimate model - it can do everything that the PSP Go can and it can run UMDs as well. Essentially an expanded version of Monster Hunter 2, Freedom Unite has more missions, more monsters, more weapons...pretty much more of everything! And it kicks ass! Don't get me wrong, the controls are a little fiddly with no lock on feature, the camera can be somewhat problematic and the lack of an online mode is a real shame, but this is an absolute blast and one of only a handful of PSP titles that can, in my opinion, really hold claim to excellence.

Even if you hate action-RPGs, though, this deal's well worth looking at if you're in the market for a PSP.

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flamingcarrot  May. 12, 2010 at 13:23

Don't forget to use the £5 off code - MVC2010 - to bring the price down to £94.99


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