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Sony Pull Everybody's Tennis From PS Store To Stop Piracy

Matt Gardner
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Sony Pull Everybody's Tennis From PS Store To Stop Piracy

Sony have removed PSP game Everybody's Tennis from the Playstation Store after reports that the Vita-compatible release would allow pirates to exploit the source code to play hacked games.

A rather amusing open letter from homebrew aficionado W.ololo revealed the issue, noting that it's rather similar to the one that led to MotorStorm: Arctic Edge being pulled at the time of the Vita's launch.

"I have discovered that some “hackers” (I prefer to call them terrorists)," he writes, "have already prepared a tool wich [sic], using this vulnerability, could allow people to run software that would be extremely dangerous for your business, such as 20 year-old 8 bit games and 154 different versions of pong.

"I think this puts your business at risk"

He goes on to suggest that this vulnerability might well “allow people to play pirated PSP or Vita games.”

We're all for sticking it to pirates, but removing an game entirely into order to stop piracy seems a little bit like using a tank to blow up your house just so you can stop burglars. [via TSA]

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