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Sony Ships 10.5 Million PlayStation Move Controllers Worldwide

Jonathan Lester
Playstation Move, Sony

Sony Ships 10.5 Million PlayStation Move Controllers Worldwide

Sony has announced that they've shipped over 10.5 million PlayStation Move controllers to retailers worldwide, with support engineer Gabe Ahn telling GDC attendees that the peripheral has been "successful" during a recent panel. However, IGN reports that this figure represents total shipments of Move and Navigation controllers, and Sony has notably refused to tell us how many of these shipped units were actually sold to consumers.

This figure comes on the back of an admission from Sony that they "could and should have done more" to secure the Move a better market position in the UK. With big  titles like BioShock Infinite and Sorcery firmly dated, though, we reckon that 2012 could herald a serious renaissance for the accurate peripheral. As always, we'd love to get your take on it.

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gunnx  Mar. 8, 2012 at 12:20

I bought one pretty much straight away but can't say I've used it that much. (Heavy Rain for the longest).
Considering how long it took to come out, surprised at the lack of promotion. Certainly again I seemed to miss the advertising for it. All I ever seem to see is Xbox stuff, they market blitz!


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