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Sony Ships 70 Million PS3s Worldwide

Jonathan Lester
Playstation Move, PS3, Sales data, Sony

Sony Ships 70 Million PS3s Worldwide

Catching Up To Xbox 360?

Sony has announced that they've shipped 70 million PS3s to retailers worldwide, a number designed to throw down the gauntlet to Microsoft's console, which recently touted a similar sales figure.

The latest press release holds some impressive figures for PlayStation hardware. Not only has the PS3 shipment mark reached seventy million, but 15 million PlayStation Move controllers have also been delivered to retail. In the six years since launch, more than 595 million games have been sold, out of a total selection of 3590 in all territories.

As mentioned, Microsoft announced that worldwide Xbox 360 sales topped 70 million in September, meaning that the younger PS3 is almost certainly closing the gap yet further.

However, it's pedantry time, since we need to note the difference between shipping and selling. Despite the press release crowing about units "sold," a small footnote states that this is in fact a "sell-in" number (very cheeky, Sony). 70 million Xbox 360s are in the hands on consumers, whereas 70 million PS3s have been sold to retailers - so the total sales will be markedly lower. Considering the PS3's later launch, though, this is still good news for PlayStation and suggests that the gap between the two consoles may have become even tighter.

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