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Sony Slashes Vita Sales Projections

Jonathan Lester
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Sony Slashes Vita Sales Projections

Despite Sony's brave face, their Q2 financial forecast suggests that the PlayStation Vita is having a tough year of it - and expectations have been lowered yet again.

According to Reuters, Sony posted a negligible operating profit in Q2 2012, which is a seriously impressive improvement over last year's 1.6 billion Yen deficit. By the looks of things, PlayStation doesn't have much to do with this, since Sony reportedly completed the sale of its chemical division for a tidy sum.

As a games site, we're naturally interested in - you know - the games stuff. PlayStation console sales predictions remain unchanged at 16 million over this fiscal year, but the handheld side of things have been faring somewhat worse. After cutting combined Vita and PSP sales down from 16 million units to 12 million units earlier this year, Sony has cut another two million off the projections - rounding it down to a rather mean 10 million. Remembering that this is combined PSP and Vita sales (no, Sony still aren't willing to disclose separate figures), this could be seriously worrying for the new portable.

Bizarrely, rival Nintendo recently alleged that Vita sales have flatlined in their latest financial report. And by 'alleged,' I do of course mean 'engaged in corporate trolling on a hilarious, actually rather refreshing scale.'

Sony Slashes Vita Sales Projections

Nintendo's financial report suggests sluggish sales for the Vita, though where they got the data from is anybody's guess...

Sony practically confirmed a price cut for next year, promising yesterday that sales would be "a marathon, not a sprint." In fairness, the 3DS had a ropey first year (especially in terms of software support), so I'll be keeping an open mind and an eye out.

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