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Sony: "Undesirable" For PS4 To Launch Last Again

Felix Kemp
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Sony: "Undesirable" For PS4 To Launch Last Again

"Still A Lot Of Unfinished Business On PS3", Though

I often wonder what the landscape of the current console war would be like if Sony hadn't launched last. Shortage of key components and developers' initial struggles with the hardware prevented Sony from matching Microsoft's - admittedly rushed - lead, and the stalled European release did not help. To their credit, Sony took it square on the chin and fought back, but they're looking to avoid such instances again with their next big console launch.

"I think we would consider it undesirable to be significantly later than the competition [with the next PlayStation]," Jim Ryan, Sony's European boss in all things Playstation told Eurogamer during a press event for Sony's other upcoming platform launch for the PS Vita. However, while Sony might have their eye on a successor to the PS3 launching in the near future, the company is by no means done with their current home console. "There's still a lot of unfinished business on PS3."

"If you look at PlayStation 2, now in excess of 150m units installed globally, a huge majority of that was done at price points of £120 or lower," he explains. He reminds us that the PS3 has only just hit the £199 mark in the UK, and Sony won't be surrendering that "considerable untapped part of the market" just yet.

However, we believe it would be in Sony's best interests to at least consider an early launch for the PS4. With the Wii U all set for release next year - although it could very well slip into early 2013 - and Microsoft ostensibly priming a next-gen successor to the Xbox 360 for a late 2012 launch, Sony cannot afford to once again show up last, hoping for the best. [Eurogamer]

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Late  Nov. 23, 2011 at 19:55

I often wonder what the landscape of the current console war would be like if Sony hadn't launched last...

Aye, it keeps me awake at nights...

gunnx  Nov. 23, 2011 at 20:02

not sure it would have made much difference, was it not the case developers didn't want Sony to be the dominant console like the previous generation, monopolising the market. Before the PS3 launched I just assumed it would be a continuation of exclusives as with the PS2 but every month you'd read of a 3rd party dev announcing multiplatform etc or even putting ps3 as 2nd to launch.
On the flipside I hope this is how they behave with OnLive as I don't want their to be only 1 way to play games.

socialjeebus  Nov. 23, 2011 at 20:14

I think the days of a single dominant home console are done. As for Wii U, I don't think Microsoft or Sony are too worried about it to be honest. The details are very sketchy at best and with the Wii in virtual freefall with respect to quality third party content and the relatively poor launch of the 3DS I'm don't think many people will be willing to risk getting one.

I'm not sure that anyone, other than retailers, are particularly desperate to see the next generation of consoles either.

RiKx  Nov. 24, 2011 at 09:56

"To their credit, Sony took it square on the chin and fought back,"

Um how? and well how? What the hell does that mean?

I don't think it's got anything to do with timing either. IMHO The whole UX of the xbox is better (even though I hate microsoft with a passion, if LIVE had been hacked you wouldn't see them giving out free games) that's why it was ultimately more popular (outside Japan). Though I hear there is 'only' 2 million units difference now!

Nowadays with so many releases being multi-platform I don't there will be a 'dominant' console. But then I have always bought all available platforms, 3ds is the first major release console i haven't bought.

DivideByZero  Nov. 24, 2011 at 11:59

Everyone says the PS3 is harder to code for. I personally think it is a much better console, but the slow loading and poor online performace really detract from that. I have PC, PS3 and 360 and generally buy games on PC unless they are exclusives.

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