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Sony Think Virtual Reality Is "Certainly Possible"

Felix Kemp
3D, Sony
Sony Online Entertainment | Playstation 3

Sony Think Virtual Reality Is "Certainly Possible"

Back in the 90s, I think we'd all have expected to be submerged in a virtual reality by now; a little pod where real life segues into an identical virtual counterpart and where clothing is optional. Instead, we're still bound to controllers and screens - clothing is still optional, though - but we might not have to wait much longer, as Sony is testing possible virtual reality devices in conjunction with 3D displays right now!

"I have to say, what we’ve done in the R&D projects has just been fantastic," reveals Sony's Mick Hocking, senior director at Sony Worldwide Studios. "We’re working with a couple of games at Sony that are experimenting with virtual reality type experiences." But no virtual reality device yet exists, so what is Sony using?

"We've got a new head mounted display [in development] that we showed at Consumer Electronics Show," Hocking explains. "At the moment it’s just a head-mounted display; the head isn’t being tracked – but that’s something we’re doing R&D on." Sony is incorporating this experimental tech with their existing 3D displays.

The last time a company attempted to introduce virtual reality devices into gaming, it wasn't quite the triumphant step forward we all expected. Nintendo's Virtual Boy was a catastrophic failure, and appears to have warded off the majority of the industry. But with Kinect revolutionizing how we interact with games, Sony making great steps forward in display technology, and Nintendo hoping to redefine how and where we game, I think the future is looking bright. [Develop]

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