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Sony: Vita Having a "Difficult Time" Securing Publisher Support

Jonathan Lester
PS Vita, Sony

Sony: Vita Having a "Difficult Time" Securing Publisher Support

"Smaller, Indie" Devs To Grow The Platform

As we rather suspected, Sony has admitted that getting third party publishers to support the PS Vita is "more difficult" than they first thought. However, they believe that the device will attract large numbers of boutique and independent developers, leading to a massive variety of games going forward.

Speaking to IGN, Sony Worldwide Studios Chief Shuhei Yoshida explained that Sony are "very happy with the hardware and platform," but are currently "having a more difficult time than [we] had anticipated in terms of getting support from third-party publishers." Apparently many publishers are prioritising social and mobile games over portable console development.

"But that’s our job," he concluded.

This is potentially bad news for the premium handheld, especially considering that the PSP suffered from a serious shortage of third party support throughout its middle age. More optimistically, though, Yoshida also believes that the Vita's cheap development tools and simple architecture will appeal to "smaller, independent developers," thus leading to a wide selection of games that appeal to both a hardcore and casual audience.

"It’s very easy to develop content on PS Vita. More content and more games is the number one priority that we have to realize Vita’s potential.”

We hope that Gamescom will herald several major releases for the graphically-exquisite handheld.

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