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Sony's Panopticon Looks Like Cyberpunk Monster Hunter

Jonathan Lester
Panopticon, Sony, Sony Japan Studio, Tease, trailer

Sony's Panopticon Looks Like Cyberpunk Monster Hunter

(But Your Guess Is As Good As Ours)

Sony Japan Studio has released a reveal trailer for a mysterious new project, currently known only as 'Panopticon.' Featuring some futuristic cities, enormous Sci-Fi cyborg beasties, hacking and a cadre of gunslinging protagonists, we could well be on course for a cooperative action-RPG in the vein of Monster Hunter or perhaps a Science Fiction JPRG or shooter setting. We reckon that the art style would be a good fit for Vita, but this is just supposition based on a notably gameplay-free video.

To say that details are "thin on the ground" would be a monstrous understatement, but Sony will apparently make everything clear on May 21st. Perhaps they're attempting to steal some of Microsoft's next-gen thunder? Either way, let us know what you make of the trailer after the break.

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