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SOPA Modified To Remove DNS Blocking

Jonathan Lester
Legislation, SOPA

SOPA Modified To Remove DNS Blocking

Draconian US Bill Gets Slightly De-Clawed

As we reported earlier, numerous developers and websites are gearing up to protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act and its ugly sister Protect IP, which would allow major American companies and copyright holders to shut down US sites (i.e. that are hosted on American servers) suspected of illegally hosting copyrighted materials without observing due process. One of the most controversial parts of the legislation was that ISPs would also be legally obliged to block American access to international sites accused of breaking copyright... which would even affect sites like us.

However, SOPA architect and US Representative Lamar Smith has now removed the proposed DNS blocking from the bill in order to "further examine the issues surrounding the provision,"  though it's also worth noting that ISPs would have to retire advanced security security protocols such as DNSSEC if the bill passed unaltered (as explained by VentureBeat).

Of course, this still doesn't affect the main thrust of the American bill, and won't stop companies from seeking to remove offending non-US sites from search engine listings if the legislation passes in the US House Committee next week.

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Mudkip  Jan. 14, 2012 at 20:26

Its still a horrible and ridiculous piece of legislation which shouldnt be passed.

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