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Sorcery Conjures Up May Release Date

Jonathan Lester
Playstation Move, Sony PS3 games, Sorcery, The Workshop
Sorcery | Playstation 3

Sorcery Conjures Up May Release Date

Sony has announced that elusive Playstation Move action game Sorcery will be hitting shelves on May 23rd. We exclusively revealed that The Workshop were still developing the title as of last June, and it appears that they've been very busy since then.

Sorcery appears to have undergone a significant graphical revision since we last tried it out, and it looks rather impressive to say the least. Gameplay, however, should resemble our ancient hands-on preview at least in part. The PlayStation Move is crying out for more great exclusives designed for the peripheral from the ground up, and with any luck, this could be exactly what we're looking for.

Even though he’s only an apprentice, it’s up to Finn to defeat the Nightmare Queen before she can destroy the human world. To do this he must plunge deep into the realm of faerie — the Endless Stair, the Faerie Forest, the Slumbering Palace. With Erline travelling at his side he must master powerful and arcane magical spells, and use them to overcome the strange and twisted servants of Nightmare. He must solve challenging puzzles, and decipher the mysteries of alchemy. He must discover the secrets of the Nightmare Queen’s power, and undo the damage that she has wrought.

And, above all, he must earn the right to be called … Sorcerer.

Sorcery Conjures Up May Release Date

Sorcery Conjures Up May Release Date

Sorcery Conjures Up May Release Date

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Jerec  Mar. 8, 2012 at 07:30

At last! This is what got me excited about the Move all those years ago!

Thank **** it wasn't canned like I'd feared!

Roll on May!

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