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Sorcery Review | The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Matt Gardner
Motion Control, PS Move, PS3 games, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sorcery, The Workshop
Sorcery | Playstation 3

Sorcery Review | The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Platform: PS3 (PS Move)

Developer: The Workshop

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Sorcery is one of those games that appeared at E3 a couple of years back, and then disappeared completely off of the radar, to the extent that we had to ask whether or not it was even still in production. It's the sort of game that had it actually come out the year it was shown may have caused a splash, such was the buzz surrounding it at the expo in 2010. The most ambitious PS Move title by far - insofar as it actually uses the full range of the motion controller and packages such delights in a relatively cohesive, full game bundle - Sorcery could have heralded the start of something beautiful for Sony's response to the Wii.

As it stands currently, Sorcery is far more likely to be the Move's epitaph, and the ghostly spectre of potential untapped, more than anything else.

Sorcery Review | The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Fast forward two years and it's been tacticly acknowledged that the Move is far more of a curio piece - a supplementary accessory if you will - enjoyable with the smattering of core games that have provided functionality alongside "regular" controls (Heavy Rain, Killzone 3 etc.). But where Microsoft have pumped money into their take on motion control, defining it with exclusive experiences, Sony haven't taken that plunge. Until now, when it's arguably too late.

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