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Soul Calibur: Legends £9.95 @ Zavvi.co.uk [Wii Games]

Lydia Low
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Soul Calibur: Legends £9.95 @ Zavvi.co.uk [Wii Games]

The title of “Most Disappointing Game on the Wii” is a hotly contested accolade but when they brought out Soul Calibur Legends, Namco showed us the ace up their sleeve. Legends brings shame upon the well respected Soul Calibur series and feels more of an insult than a comfort to those gamers who missed out on Soul Calibur IV because their only console is the Nintendo Wii.
If all this sounds too tantalising to resist, then you will be pleased to know that Zavvi are currently offering this Legendarily poor piece of programming for just £9.95 (the next cheapest price comes in at £11.89).

The premise of the game sounds pretty good, at least if you are a fan of the Soul series; as it seeks to uncover the tale of Siegfried's discovery of the legendary blade Soul Edge and how it caused him to become possessed by Nightmare. The initial, decent cut-scene may pique your interest but it will be quickly dashed upon the rocks of the subsequent, ridiculous narrative. Soul Calibur Legends shoe-horns unlockable characters into the creaking story in a variety of ridiculous and absurd ways, the dialogue is cringe-worthy and you will be hard pressed to sustain your interest in the long, dry spiels of text that make up the main body of the story-telling.

Any enthusiasm you may manage to maintain will surely be drowned in the atrocious mire of the gameplay which consists of very little more than level upon linear level of fighting indentikit baddies in indentikit ugly environments. If that doesn't do it then having to fight the same boss five times will. True, hacking and slashing with the Wii remote is pretty fun and does translate reasonably well on screen, but it soon becomes repetitive and tiresome. The supposed puzzles that attempt to break up the relentless “slash, slash, move on” thrust of the game are pathetically easy and do nothing to alleviate the boredom. It all just feels cheap, clunky and completely uninspiring.

To be fair when viewed as an isolated entity, Soul Calibur Legends does not quite come close to the appalling depths of excrement that some of the excruciating games that exist for this console reach, but considering that it was presented as a consolation prize for those disappointed by Soul Calibur IV’s no show on the Wii, it really does feel like a bit of a kick in the teeth. Legends seems more like a mini game (extended ad nauseam) than a full title in its own right and is just another depressing example of Wii owners getting palmed off with a pathetic token gesture because their machine cannot handle the real game.

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stuart  Aug. 27, 2009 at 22:31

i picked it up from morrisons this week for £6.99 (£6.29 with discount!)

saw it & thought i'd give it a punt! atleast i've got it cheaper!


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