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Soul Sacrifice Update Will Add Free Story Content

Jonathan Lester
DLC, PS Vita games, Soul Sacrifice, Update

Soul Sacrifice Update Will Add Free Story Content

I'm really digging on Sony's approach to Soul Sacrifice, which will apparently feature more free missions in the next major update. Siliconera reports that the upcoming patch will overhaul the interface yet again, while adding an entire story chapter entitled the Savior Of Heresy (likely an optional Sorceror sub-storyline). Players will discover more secrets about the Avalon organisation and meet the mysterious Elaine - pictured above.

The update hasn't been dated for the West, but already we've got plenty to be getting on with thanks to new bosses and quests being added to the addictive ARPG last week.

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socialjeebus  Jun. 3, 2013 at 12:13

This is the way dlc SHOULD be.

I don't mind paying for content, but only if it's on the scale of the old expansion packs.

Last year's CIV 5 Gods & Kings or Tropico 4's Modern Times are decent examples or worthwhile paid for content. CIV 5's extra civs and Tropico 4's vigilante are not.

Guns / Costumes....gimme a break.


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