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Soul Sacrifice

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Soul Sacrifice
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Free Soul Sacrifice DLC Out Today

Jonathan Lester
DLC, Keiji Inafune, PS Vita games, Soul Sacrifice
Soul Sacrifice | Playstation Vita

Free Soul Sacrifice DLC Out Today

Soul Sacrifice has received a free DLC pack as part of today's PSN Store update, which introduces eight new quests, a new map, more bosses and even some Augmented Reality functions to the addictive spell-slinging Vita title. You'll need to update the game to version 1.1 on the LiveArea Menu before grabbing the new content from the store.

We've got the full details below and a Soul Sacrifice review for your consideration. Personally, I've been thoroughly enjoying it both online and solo, but I hope that a sequel can add more personality and a sense of fun to the proceedings. Newcomers should start out with our handy Soul Sacrifice survival guide.

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