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Beyond: Two Souls Has A 2000 Page Script

Jonathan Lester
Gamescom 2012, PS3 games, Quantic Dream, Sony

Beyond: Two Souls Has A 2000 Page Script

Cage: "I'm Not A Frustrated Movie Director"

Quantic Dream revealed that upcoming PS3 exclusive Beyond: Two Souls has a 2000 page script (four times the size of most film scripts), with director David Cage denying that he's in the wrong industry.

"I'm not a frustrated movie director," Cage said during a Gamescom Q&A session attended by VG247 and EG. "That's really not why I'm here. I love this medium, and I'm genuinely passionate about this new medium being born and that's growing every day, and I just want to be part of it."

"At the same time, I'm really not into having 30-minute cut-scenes in a game, and you're just showing films. If you played Heavy Rain, there are very few cut-scenes and very few moments where you don't have control. I'm interested in you can tell the story through interactivity, and how you can be an actor in the experience."

Unlike many games, Quantic Dream are motion capturing facial expressions and conversations as well as body movements, meaning that Beyond: Two Souls has to be shot like a traditional film. The performance capture work has apparently taken 12 months to shoot, based on a script of over 2000 pages.

"Our actors all had to learn their lines and deliver them from memory. Ellen had hundreds of pages, worth about three or four movies. We gained another dimension in the actor’s performance as we used full performance capture to record body language. If you look at me as I say this, you can see how I’m saying it. You lose that in motion capture.”

Beyond: Two Souls has roughly the same budget as predecessor Heavy Rain, but will deal with markedly different themes.

“This game is not about paranormal events. It’s about relationships, growing, and about how the different moments in your life define who you are. It’s about death, about something that will happen to all of you here one day. It’s about emotions people feel, how they think, how they act and how they fear death – about what lies beyond on the other side.”

We nominated Beyond: Two Souls as the Best Game of E3 2012 - Matt and Brendan are checking it out over at Gamescom as we speak.

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wonkypops  Aug. 16, 2012 at 17:28

'Four times the size of most film scripts'?

Given that a page of script equals a minute of movie time, a 2000 page script would be 33 hours long, over sixteen times the length of a two hour movie. It just goes to show how complex and immersive these games are becoming, and how bland and formulaic movies are right now. This sounds fantastic, and I'll probably play it through a few times over, but I can't imagine sitting through any movie even four hours long, and I'm a Bela Tarr fan. Gaming has completely superseded some film genres by breathing new life into them- when was the last time anyone was actually frightened by a horror movie? But write the same scene into a survival horror game... Cage might not recognise himself as a frustrated movie director because he knows that some film genres are a dying art form.

Korma  Aug. 16, 2012 at 21:03

when was the last time anyone was actually frightened by a horror movie?

I was scared by Scary Movie when I realised how long ago it came out.


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