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New South Park Game Announced

Felix Kemp
Other Ocean Interactive, South Park, South Park: Tenorman's Revenge, XBLA

New South Park Game Announced

Battle Scott Tenorman And His "Ginger Army"

South Park Let's Go Tower Defence Play was a surprisingly solid little title when it released back in 2009 on Xbox Live Arcade, blending the cartoon's trademark crass satire with competent strategy mechanics. We reported back in July that Microsoft had secured exclusive rights to a sequel, and that sequel just so happens to have been announced, with South Park: Tenorman's Revenge set for release in Spring 2012.

With 345 Games passing development duties to Other Ocean Interactive - who're also behind the XBLA version of War of the Worlds - Tenorman's Revenge is a co-operative platformer where Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny must contend with Scott Tenorman, a nemesis of Cartman who was fed his parents in a chilli con carne mix by the squat little bastard.

But Tenorman isn't alone, as he's commanding a fearsome "ginger army" and even Man-Bear-Pig it seems, if screenshots are to be believed. A trailer is set for release at ComicCon in New York this coming weekend. We'll have more for you on the game as and when it develops, but be sure to drop us a few choice South Park quips before you go! [Eurogamer]

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