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South Park: The Game Screens Fly In

Felix Kemp
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South Park: The Game Screens Fly In

Concept Art & Screenshots Galore

So, we're to be treated to a "full-scale South Park RPG" in 2012 - which I keep having to remind myself is here now - with Fallout: New Vegas studio Obsidian Entertainment at the helm. It's a mighty exciting project, with South Park founders Matt Stone and Trey Parker involved in production to ensure it meets their politically incorrect standards. And what with it being 2012 and all, we thought we'd share a little treat with all our South Park fans, as a boatload of new South Park: The Game imagery has hit the web.

South Park: The Game Screens Fly In

Here we see a frankly amazing shot of the mild-mannered and loving Butters hefting a hammer over a fallen foe, his face calmly contemplating the prospect of splattering cel-shaded brains across the screen. The icon hovering beneath the foe suggests this is an in-game shot, showcasing the remarkably faithful engine Obsidian has created - nigh indistinguishable from the show itself.

South Park: The Game Screens Fly In

Next, a slice of concept art. It could be a shot taken from a cut-scene being story-boarded or simply an example for a programmer to work off. Who knows? Either way, it would appear to suggest we'll be visiting a UFO crash site in the game. Whether the extraterrestrial invaders have returned to insert further machinery inside Cartman's rectum or for far more nefarious needs is, also, unknown.

South Park: The Game Screens Fly In

And, finally, Cartman - in full Wizard attire - wages war on three girls atop a lofty deck wedged in the treetops. Again, it's all very vague, and we've no idea what's really going on. We do know, however, that South Park: The Game begins with Cartman welcoming you to town while LARPING, and you must choose a class from here. Whether the entire game follows this fantastical pattern remains to be seen, although the image of the UFO crash site - and the boys in their typical outfits - would suggest not. [Gaming Everything]


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