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New Space Hulk Details & Screenshot

Jonathan Lester
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New Space Hulk Details & Screenshot

Indie studio Full Control have released some more Space Hulk details after their short trailer yesterday; revealing twelve singleplayer missions, a level editor and a screenshot.

Like the original (and awesome) miniature-based board game, Space Hulk takes place in the labyrinthine corridors of an ancient spaceship. Players lead a team of elite Space Marine Terminators clad in Tactical Dreadnought Armour to scour the decks of a Genestealer infestation. Think Alien, except that you get the sequel's power loaders from the get-go.

Based on the "Sin of Damnation" campaign from the 3rd edition board game, Space Hulk will include "a robust 12 mission single-player and co-operative campaign" using a 3D graphics engine. The turn-based gameplay will apparently share features in common with Full Control's Tactical Soldier - Undead Rising and Frontline Tactics.

As previously mentioned, multiplayer mode will allow players to go head-to-head as one player controls the Space Marines and their opponent the Genestealers, while cross platform functionality lets players to compete on PC, Mac or mobile.

The Space Hulk level editor will enable players to design their own levels, share them online and download community creations.

“Since playing the board game decades ago I have always wanted to recreate this slice of Warhammer 40,000 as a computer game," said Full Control CEO Thomas Hentschel Lund. "Now we can finally bring the board game to life in glorious 3D full of scary Genestealers and mighty Terminators fighting for human kind,”  “As huge fans of the Space Hulk board game and the Warhammer 40,000 universe in general, we are delighted that Games Workshop has given us the opportunity to work with this iconic license and bring our version of Space Hulk into the hands of all fans out there”.

‘Space Hulk is one of our timeless games that has both classic gameplay and extraordinary imagery in the form of the Warhammer 40,000 universe,’ added Jon Gillard,  Head of Licensing for Games Workshop. ‘Over its 23 year history, three physical editions and three video games it has consistently reset the bar for quality and edge-of-the-seat gaming and we have no doubt that will continue to be the case with this version from Full Control. Their passion for the game and their development skill, combined with the power of the Warhammer 40,000 setting is going to create something very special indeed. There are a lot of people here at Games Workshop who are desperate to get this on their iPads!’

A single in-game screenshot has also been released - click to embiggen. Space Hulk has been dated for "2013," so watch this space.

New Space Hulk Details & Screenshot

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