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From Spectacular Xbox 360 Failure Rates To Enough Fallout 3 DLC: News Roundup August 18th

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In today’s news roundup, the Xbox 360 is seen to fail 54.2% of the time, a Fable II game of the Year Edition appears on some retail websites, Alan Wake is on track for a spring release and Fallout 3 director Todd Howard believes five is enough when it comes to DLC.

Xbox 360 Sees Failure Rate Of 54.2%

From Spectacular Xbox 360 Failure Rates To Enough Fallout 3 DLC: News Roundup August 18th

According to a survey conducted by Game Informer, the Xbox 360 has a shocking 54.2% failure rate. This is alarming when compared to the 10.6% failure rate for the PS3 and 6.8% for the Wii. The Xbox 360 may suffer from being the most used out of three consoles, explaining the higher failure rate to some degree. The survey also highlighted Microsoft as providing the worst customer service of the bunch, with only 37.7% of customers finding them “very helpful”, compared to 51.1 percent for Sony and 56.1 percent for Nintendo.

Having a failure rate five times higher than the next competitor is never good news, but as newer versions and models of the 360 come out, the red ring of death is slowly becoming a part of the past. Plus the consumers don’t seem too bothered by the amount of 360 failures, only 3.8% of Xbox 360 owners claim they would never buy another Xbox after hardware failure.  [Consumerist]

Fable II Game Of The Year Edition Crops Up

From Spectacular Xbox 360 Failure Rates To Enough Fallout 3 DLC: News Roundup August 18th

Fable II looks set to be the latest title in for the game of the year treatment, as some online retailers have listed such a thing on their website. Play.com and Shopto.net both list Fable II: Game of the Year Edition, presumably including both the Knothole Island and See the Future packs previously released this year. This will likely be announced at GamesCom, with price and release along with it.  [ConsoleMaster]

Alan Wake On Track For Springtime

From Spectacular Xbox 360 Failure Rates To Enough Fallout 3 DLC: News Roundup August 18th

After what must be a century in the making, Alan Wake may finally be finished. The game should see release this spring, with Remedy only needing to add a bit of polishing to the title. Alan Wake is “all done, we're just polishing at this point” according to Remedy managing director Matias Myllyrinne. This comes as a relief to 360 owners waiting for this game since its announcement in 2005. But for PC gamers, it still looks like Alan Wake won’t be appearing anytime soon.  [JoyStiq]

Five Fallout 3 DLC Packs Was Enough

From Spectacular Xbox 360 Failure Rates To Enough Fallout 3 DLC: News Roundup August 18th

Fallout 3 director Todd Howard believes enough DLC has been released for the game. “I think we've put enough content out there for this game” said Howard. “We knew we wanted to do three initially and we'll see where that goes. I kind of had in my mind that the upper limit was five. Part of that was what I think people are willing to continue to pay for a game. And a lot of that is our own internal bandwidth”.

Bethesda are currently busy at work on their next project, so for all you Fallout 3 fans demanding more it looks like you’ll have to be happy with only five DLC packs. Some people are never happy.  [Kotaku]

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phatboy123  Aug. 18, 2009 at 21:56

The 360 owners are still grasping at straws in my thread

saying they dont mind etc.......

If this was another product (a toaster for example)
the manufacturer would go bust faster than you can say "red ring of death"

shadowdogg  Aug. 19, 2009 at 00:49

Not bad for nintendo.

least failure rate and best customer service.

good times

Free Xbox Live  Aug. 19, 2009 at 01:40

I personally had no problems when it came to Xbox 360 failure, and I hope I won't any time soon. Won't really matter since I'm getting the Playstation 3 slim. Well, Nintendo Wii has a low failure rate, but it's also the least played console this generation. Don't know how well that works for it.

Ben987  Aug. 19, 2009 at 05:17

It doesn't matter that Xbox has more users than other consoles, because the figure given is a percentage. Half of all Xbox's fail basically, compared to 1 in 10 Wii's. Saying it's due to the larger number of users doesn't make any sense.

On that note, pretty much all technology is designed to die within 5 or so years, thus generating further sales for the company and industry. Think to yourself how often you have to buy a new electronic gadget.

You probably buy a new toaster every ten years which you use for 5 minutes a day. Compared this to a new games console every few years which is used multiple hours per day

Marc  Aug. 19, 2009 at 08:34

This looks like it is just some "reader" survey where anyone could say they owned any machine they felt like etc and not an official report from any of the manufactures repair facilitys etc.

nick  Aug. 19, 2009 at 08:45

Re Fallout 3 DLCs, perhaps the developers should concentrate more on ironing out the bugs that cause the regular freezes and crashes on the game and its DLC rather than raking in money from the DLC itself? Having spent best part of 3 hours just trying to get the game to work and scouring the net for solutions to all the various problems encountered (this all before I could even play it!) I am surprised that in this day and age developers are allowed to release such bug ridden software and then to produce add ons without fixing the original problem defies belief!

Alex  Aug. 19, 2009 at 12:17


I believe their not talking about number of owners, but the fact that, lets say that in a house, a Wii get played an hour a day, but the xbox get used for 6 hours a day.

I think when they say most used, they're comparing Wii which are just not being used, to xboxs that are in constant use, i.e. not number of units, but amount of use.

scouse  Aug. 19, 2009 at 12:33

Total rubbish , from the forums i vist and the people i know who have these consoles their Wii gets played with the same if not more than the 360 with kids and families playing together a lot more. The simple fact is the RROD is a major known problem with the xbox and its biggest failing point , for some its an acceptable fault , for others its something that puts them off further purchases. Continuing to make excuses for product that inreality was badly manufactured from the start is really a little "lame".

wayne  Aug. 20, 2009 at 09:57

im on my 3rd xbox360 one guy i work with has 8 fail on him and all my mates who,ve bought xboxs all have failed atleast 3-5 times.
its got to the point were i got sick off sending them back to get repaired so i now fix my own and touch wood since i last repaired it its been working better than it ever has for over a year now no probs.
there very easy to repair no soldering involved all you do is take the heat sinks off ,clan with nail polish remover,reapply thermal paste,disconnect fans,turn on and for around 10 mins,the console will get very hot and automatically turn itself off,then you reattach the fans,screw back together,allow it too cool down for about 30 mins turn back on and bingo working like new again :)

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