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Spectacular new Zelda reveal was "actual gameplay on Wii U"

Jonathan Lester
Nintendo, Wii U games

Spectacular new Zelda reveal was "actual gameplay on Wii U"

We all expected Nintendo to finally reveal a brand new Zelda for Wii U, and we weren't disappointed. Eiji Aouma took to the virtual stage to show us a jaw-dropping environment packed with exquisite detail, followed by fluid combat and the promise of a truly open world to explore. However, since the project wasn't officially named or detailed beyond a vague "2015" release date, many of us wondered whether the footage was on the level.

It was. Aonuma has now confirmed that everything we saw was real-time gameplay running on Wii U, not a powerful PC or just shiny-yet-meaningless CG.

"Many people from the media kept asking me if the footage from the new Zelda game for Wii U is just a promotional movie, but that really is actual gameplay on Wii U," he wrote on the MiiVerse social network. "Also, I wasn’t kidding about how you will be able to reach the mountains that appear in the distance if you should choose to!"

Here's the Nintendo Direct presentation in full -- you can skip directly to the relevant section by clicking here. I'd strongly recommend giving it another viewing.

To say that we're "excited" would be an understatement of Goron proportions. For the first time we'll be able to truly explore a massive open world with non-linear areas and new puzzles to solve however we see fit, while enjoying visuals that once again prove that the Wii U is no slouch in that department. The lack of even a working title is annoying, but suffice to say that we'll be following Aonuma's latest labour of love like a hawk.

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Yukes  Jun. 12, 2014 at 19:08

Ahh but would it be an understatement of Biggoron proportions?

What do you guys make of the robotics on show by the way? Not sure how I feel about a mechanical War of the Worlds-type robot. Open world? Hell yes! Lasers in Zelda? Ermm... (Beamos acknowledged).

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