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Spector "Desperately" Wants To Make Epic Mickey HD

Jonathan Lester
Disney, Epic Mickey, Junction Point, Warren Spector

Spector "Desperately" Wants To Make Epic Mickey HD

After Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two was revealed last week as a multiplatform title, it transpires that series creator Warren Spector "desperately" wants to bring the original game to PS3 and Xbox 360 as an HD re-release.

“I will tell you I desperately want to do it, and other than that I have no comment at this time,” he informed GameInformer at GDC 2012. "I just think it would be cool for people to see where the story started, so we’ll see. We sold many millions of copies of [Epic Mickey] on just the Wii, and being on the Wii was great. It was a perfect way to reintroduce Mickey as a hero in video games.”

Whether this will actually happen remains to be seen. Since Junction Point has confirmed the Wii for Epic Mickey 2's lead platform, it's clear that Disney are still favouring Nintendo's console.

Epic Mickey 2 has received its first gameplay trailer and new details. It's set for an Autumn launch on Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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gunnx  Mar. 26, 2012 at 12:54

Sounds like Warren wanted it to be multi-platform from the start. Did Disney think that it just wouldn't sell on 360/PS3?
I was hoping that Epic Mickey HD would come with Limited Editions of Epic Mickey 2 on PS3/360. Exclusive titles are fine but I don't like it when one title in a series stays exclusive while sequels are multi-platform (ME1 for instance), I don't believe this is to the benefit of gamers.

DivideByZero  Mar. 26, 2012 at 12:55

Yet again PC gamers are shunned.

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