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From Spector's Mickey Mouse to Modern Warfare 2's Leak - News Roundup 26th October

Marius Goubert
DJ Hero, Epic Mickey, Modern Warfare

In today's news roundup we hear about game designer Warren Spectator and his mission to reinvent Mickey Mouse for the Ninetndo Wii's Epic Mickey. We bring news of Activison's underwhelming sales forecasts for their latest interactive music game title: DJ Hero. And finally, we take a look at the fierce debate surrounding Modern Warefare 2 which, in the wake of leaked footage from a French gamer, may very well feature an optional 3rd person view.

Spector Asked to Reinvent Micky Mouse

From Spector's Mickey Mouse to Modern Warfare 2's Leak - News Roundup 26th October

Best known for his futuristic FPS/RPG hybrid Deus Ex, game designer Warren Spector has revealed in an interview with Game Informer details regarding his latest commission to work on 'Epic Mickey' for the Nintendo Wii. Initially refusing Disney executives request to take on the project because, in his words, Disney had done such a great job of making Mickey 'irrelevant to anyone over the age of eight' (adding 'I don't make games for kids'), Spectator finally agreed after he was given a free hand to 'reinvigorate and reinvent' the character as he saw fit.

Although he described his task as 'probably impossible', Spectator seemed positive regarding his decision to revert back to the classic Mickey character from the 1920s and 30s. 'Mischievous is the nice way to put it.' he said, 'He was a badly behaved mouse. He was a troublemaker. I want to see people going out there and saying, 'I want to be Mickey Mouse.' Spectator explained that his choice to produce Epic Mickey for the Nintendo Wii stemmed from the fact that the console had the most relevant demographic.

Although he clearly relishes the opportunity to redefine one of the most iconic animated characters ever, Spectator acknowledged that trying to get Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 gamers to cast aside their copies of GTA and Halo and cry 'I want to be Mickey Mouse' might be a step too far even for him... [Eurogamer]

Slow Start Predicted for DJ Hero

From Spector's Mickey Mouse to Modern Warfare 2's Leak - News Roundup 26th October

With interactive music games diversifying into ever more extreme areas, one can only wonder what the future has in store. Could we see the likes of Piano Hero, Violin Hero, Accordion Hero, or what about even... Harmonica Hero? The possibilities seems endless, but although Activison's DJ Hero might be eagerly anticipated by some, Red Octane co-founder Kai Huang explained that initial sales forecasts predict a slow start for the latest 'Hero' sequel. He believes that people just don't know what to expect from a Djing game and therefore, like Guitar Hero, it may take several editions before DJ Hero really takes off.

Despite a fair amount of skepticism and the belief that a Djing game will never have the same kind of appeal as a guitar title, Activision are taking a gamble which many people (including myself) hope pays off. After all, Guitar Hero's ability to expose classic rock music to younger generations - completely over-saturated by commercial pop music – was one of its greatest achievements. Similarly, Dj Hero could could well provide a bit of notoriety for some of the more underground music scenes and get people actually appreciating the skills of Djs and turntablists in the same way as other musicians. [1up]

Modern Warfare 2's 3rd Person Mode Leaked ?

From Spector's Mickey Mouse to Modern Warfare 2's Leak - News Roundup 26th October

With the release of Modern Warfare 2 only a few weeks away, Infinity Ward must feel almost like nailing large pieces of crooked wood to the windows in the wake of all the recent rumors and speculation. Now, after supposedly getting hold of a leaked copy of Modern Warfare 2 for the Playstation 3, a French gamer has released a video on Youtube – with extremely low resolution footage – which apparently depicts an optional 3rd person view mode. Infinity Ward has yet to comment on the leak, but many people remain unconvinced; arguing that the grainy footage could simply be someone watching an in game reply. In the end it seems that only time will tell... [GiantBomb]

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