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Need For Speed: Shift £19.99 @ Simply Games [Xbox 360 Games]

Marius Goubert
Need for Speed, Racing Games, Xbox 360 games
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Need For Speed: Shift £19.99 @ Simply Games [Xbox 360 Games]Having ditched its illegal street racer, open-world format, Need for Speed has finally gone back to its tracker racer roots. So whether you’re one of those people who actually enjoys Top Gear being played all day on Dave and whose bedroom wall is plastered with Max Power cut outs, or someone who detests boy racers and has the urge to throw eggs when you see their suped up motors lapping the town centre, you won't be able to help falling in love with Shift. The game is currently going for £19.99 from Simply Games which is the cheapest deal currently available.

‘Less is more’ might be the best way of describing Simply Mad’s efforts to breathe some originality back into a franchise which was falling flat on account of its tedious storylines and shallow open worlds. They have, quite rightly, taken a machete to all the unnecessary chaff which had gradually accumulated around the series and focused entirely on the one thing that really matters: driving. As a result, Shift has to be one of the slickest and best presented driving games I’ve ever laid eyes on. The engine sound, sense of speed, and the first person cockpit view all culminate in a virtual driving experience which is thrilling, vivid and a even a touch nauseating.

About the only draw back for me was with regard to the car dealership which was slightly limited in terms of the number of vehicles available. The point system is also slightly pointless as you’re rewarded for pretty much anything you do, from smooth slip streaming to smashing headlong into the opposition. But despite this, Simply Mad deserve real credit. Shift looks great, sounds great, and is quite simply a hell of a lot of fun to play.

Thanks to crazygoog from Hotukdeals.

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