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Need for Speed: Shift £23.48 @ Coolshop [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
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Need for Speed: Shift £23.48 @ Coolshop [PC Games] Nothing makes you feel less manly than seeing some souped up car drive past with a group of friends and, as they go on about ‘0-60’, ‘dump valves’ and ‘horse power’, about the only thing you can interject is, ‘yeah, what lovely racing stripes.’ However despite such a feeble knowledge of cars, Need for Speed: Shift was a title which, despite usually hating racing games, I had to check out. And now, with my career well underway, I can honestly say a miracle has taken place. I have become a born again boy racer.

So even if driving games are not really your sort of thing, Need for Speed: Shift is definitely still worth checking out and, if you own a decent PC capable of handling it, the game is currently going for just £23.48 from Coolshop.

Even though Need for Speed got horribly bogged down by all that open-world-illegal-street-racer nonsense, after handing the reins over to developers Slightly Mad, the franchise has got back to its roots. As a track racer - a move which has turned NFSS into one of the slickest, best presented racing games I’ve ever laid eyes on, and overall, a title which is good enough to even turn waverers like myself into full on car racing fanatics.

One of the best things I found about the game is 1st person cockpit view which is quite unlike that of any other racer. The way your drivers head slightly recoils as you accelerate and then slams forward upon impact – your vision blurring and eyes watering – really does convey the body shock sensations of track racing so vividly, you almost feel a touch of nausea yourself. Best of all is the sensation of speed you get as you tear round the track, which to be honest, has to make this one of the most enjoyable virtual driving games currently on market.

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Chris  Oct. 23, 2009 at 16:01

Not that cheap for a PC game really.

lies  Oct. 23, 2009 at 17:18

This isn't a deal. Go to eastore.ea.com use voucher code: VoucherCodes.com25%

You get Need For Speed Shift for £22.49 on instant download you also get an Porsche Cayman S exclusive to those who purchase from EA.

John  Oct. 23, 2009 at 18:30

The developer is 'Slightly Mad', rather than Slightly Made ;)

'lies' - thanks for the tip, I've been meaning to pick up the PC version but been keeping an eye out for a deal. I've been really impressed with the demo as the in car view doesn't feel like a gimmick, combined with the audio which does a great job conveying the snarling rage of the engine ready to be unleashed the game does feel really good to play. In comparison Forza just seems a bit flat although I perhaps need to give it more time.


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