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Need For Speed: Undercover £6.70 @ Game Gears [Xbox 360 Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Need For Speed: Undercover £6.70 @ Game Gears [Xbox 360 Games]

Well, it seems that undercover police work not only involves learning all the aspects of your new life flawlessly in order to avoid being brutally tortured or murdered by the criminals you're infiltrating, but also being able to handle fast cars like an F1 driver according to Need For Speed: Undercover.

You can grab a copy of the game on the 360 for £6.70 from Game Gears, which is almost £1 cheaper than the next best offer of £7.64 coming in from 365 Games.

Lets be honest, when it comes to racing games the story aspect to the game is usually the last thing on your mind and they're easily forgotten once you get behind the wheel, so all I'm going to say about the plot is that you step into the shoes of an undercover police officer who has to blend in with a dangerous gang.

Ok, the pluses of the game are vastly overshadowed by the minus, so it's not going to take me long to let you know that the sense of speed you get whilst driving is probably one of the only things that's done well. Sitting in the driving seat of bog standard bucket of bolts feels like your wheels have been glued to the ground in comparison to the lightning fast supercars.

Purchasing cars and upgrading them is governed by a terrible system, as you progress through the game new cars are unlocked to buy, however you'll more than likely still be in the process of buying upgrades for your old vehicles, which becomes utterly redundant when the new cars are far better than the fully upgraded older models.

Initially, the idea of being able to whizz around an open world environment is quite appealing. Unfortunately, after a few minutes you'll be asking yourself, 'Where are the markers for events, races, etc.?'. Well, the simple answer to that is there aren't any, so the only reason to make your way around the environment is to admire its landscape, which is pretty hard to do considering that, like the rest of the game, it's not the prettiest thing to look at.

The multiplayer contains three very simple modes. Circuit races and dashes both involve making it to first place in order to ensure your victory, whereas cops and robbers sees one side trying to make a get away with some stolen loot whilst the other side have to stop them in their tracks.

This isn't the greatest racing game in the world, in fact it's pretty far from it, and whilst £6.70 isn't that much to ask for a complete punt, you'll probably be better offer finding something else to spend it on.

Thanks to lucerysmum @ HUKD

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