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Spider-Man: Edge Of Time | £18.97 | Amazon | PS3 & Xbox 360

Jonathan Lester
Action Games, Activision, Beenox, PS3 games, Spider-Man, Xbox 360 games
Spider-Man: Edge of Time | Playstation 3 | Xbox 360
Spider-Man: Edge Of Time | £18.97 | Amazon | PS3 & Xbox 360

Spider-Man, Spider-Man. No, I'm not singing the classic theme tune - I'm alluding to the fact that there are two of them. Edge Of Time uses an absurd (even by comic book game tie-in standards) time-jumping storyline to introduce present day Spidey to his 2099 counterpart. Crisp banter and the way in which your actions can affect the timeline keep the experience fresh, but the raw mechanics are a little repetitive despite the two characters. Amazon will save you almost a fiver compared to, well, everyone else.

Be sure to select the right format before you buy.

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Late  Nov. 23, 2011 at 12:55

Still looking for Shattered Dimensions (x360) for sub £20... :(

Considering the lackluster reviews I expected it to be bargain bin material pretty soon after it's release. Over a year later and you're still looking at £35+ in most places (if you can find stock).


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