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Spitfires & British Planes Coming To World Of Warplanes "Very Shortly After Launch"

Jonathan Lester
Spitfires, Wargaming.net, World Of Warplanes

Spitfires & British Planes Coming To World Of Warplanes "Very Shortly After Launch"

"We Realised How Important It Is To Have British stuff In Our Games"

World Of Warplanes is shaping up to be an exceptional free-to-play flight sim, but as Brits, we couldn't help but notice that Spitfires and Hurricanes weren't present in the beta. Thankfully, Wargaming.net CEO Victor Kislyi confirmed to us that British planes will be added to the game very soon after release.

Speaking to us in an interview at Tankfest 2012 (which will be going live later today), Kislyi told us that Wargaming.net realised the importance of adding British units to their games. Despite having to prioritise Russian and American tech trees to satiate the larger fanbases, Spitfires and Hurricanes will be headed to World Of Warplanes "very shortly after launch."

"We realised how important it is to have British stuff in our games," Kislyi said. "Right now the plan is very shortly after launch it will be added. So far, the production chain concentrates on Russian - you know, we have to do Russia, it's our homeland - and American planes because the US is a huge market and it's a warplane culture. The Americans have to have an enemy... so here come the Germans! Unlike the World Of Tanks launch where every new tank or every new nation took a long time (money-wise and stuff), right now we're putting tremendous resources behind World Of Warplanes. So the Brits are coming very shortly after launch."

Cue the Dambusters March. World Of Warplanes will be entering open beta later this summer, and you can check out our World Of Warplanes preview for more intel.

World Of Tanks will also be receiving a massive slew of British units this year (an auspicious year to say the least), including the A39 Tortoise.

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