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Splash Damage Unleash Patch To Remove Lag From Brink

Felix Kemp
Brink, Games news

Splash Damage Unleash Patch To Remove Lag From Brink

Innovative shooter Brink from developers Splash Damage is available right now, but some early adopters have been reporting crippling lag threatening to derail the experience for them. But fret not, as Splash Damage have leaped into action, releasing a patch you can download on Xbox LIVE and - when it's up and running again - the Playstation Network that addresses key network issues.

The new patch alters the network code in slight but significant ways, such as converting the total number of online buddies for campaign and freeplay modes to eight. As such, connecting to matches via the matchmaking system is considerably easier and quicker, especially for those of you running lower quality bandwidths.

And as a thanks for fans' support so early on in Brink's life, Splash Damage will also be rolling out a big old chunk of post-release DLC in June. And it'll be absolutely free! In a time where the likes of Activision charge fifteen pounds for a handful of maps swept off the cutting-room floor, I think we should congratulate Splash Damage and publisher Bethesda for having a heart. [Eurogamer]

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