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Splash Damage: 'We Go AAA Or We Go Bust'

Matt Gardner
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Splash Damage: 'We Go AAA Or We Go Bust'

Splash Damage's CEO, Paul Wedgwood, has reiterated his studio's outlook when it comes to making games, saying that for multiplayer shooter Brink, as with all other titles it intends to make, the studio is not looking for the quick buck, or to develop tie-ins. Rather that Splash Damage are working by the motto triple-A or bust. Speaking to CVG at the Bethesda showcase in Utah, Wedgwood echoed the sentiments of his 2008 GDC keynote speech once again, his comments bearing some similarity to those of Epic's Cliff Bleszinski at this year's conference.

'The fact is that the most successful games companies are generally the ones that make the highest quality AAA games, not the movie tie-ins, the quick cash-ins, the releases tied with sports events or whatever but we never really understand why people do that stuff. I understand that it can be profitable but we haven't yet seen a company that's turned that into a kind of sustainable business that's been really good for them.

'It's such a challenging industry to be in as an independent developer, it's even more challenging to make AAA games and it's more challenging still to only make one at a time and to do so while remaining independent and not selling your studio to a publisher.

'Yet every conference I've been to I've said the same thing, if I do a keynote or a big presentation to a crowd, you'll get 500 people in the audience and I'll say "Look our philosophy's really easy, we just go AAA or we go bust." We're totally happy with either outcome but we don't want to make movie tie-in games, we'd rather take a whole bunch of risks and just hope that it comes out OK.'

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