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Splatoon prooves Wii U can do shooters at £25

Brendan Griffiths
Splatoon, third person shooter, Wii U games

Splatoon prooves Wii U can do shooters at £25

Splatoon is looking like one of the Wii U's hottest exclusives of 2015 and is available to preorder for just £25.

This team-based third-person shooter is an absolute blast to play as teams fire various different types of paint guns and bazookas at each other in order to paint a level in their team's colour. Players can also transform into a squid-like creature and swim through any continuous areas of their colour too. It's ludicrously fast, and Nintendo levels of colourful throughout. It's like Tony Hawk's graffiti mode meets DeBlob 2, but with guns. Daft and deadly in equal measure and we can't wait. Check out Matt's Splatoon hands-on preview.

Thanks to GamerU.

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smashbrolink  Mar. 17, 2015 at 07:37

It's one of my most anticipated games this year, for sure.
Dunno how much it'll go for in the states, but I'm sure it will be worth every penny.

I'm glad we're getting this and Devil's Third; they'll be excellent replacements for the other shooters that the system isn't getting.

Ac3Vip3r  Mar. 19, 2015 at 09:38

If this is for the uk where will I be able to find it? But if it isn't for the uk I don't need to know.

JonLester  Mar. 19, 2015 at 09:50

@Ac3Vip3r: Just click the link or the banner and you'll be taken to the retailer, where you can still pre-order Splatoon for £25. Yes, it's a UK deal.


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