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Splinter Cell Conviction £17.99 @ Zavvi & Cool Shop UK [Xbox 360]

Tom Silkstone
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Xbox 360

Splinter Cell Conviction £17.99 @ Zavvi & Cool Shop UK [Xbox 360]

Sam Fisher's world has always been a complex course of stealthy events, but this time he's snapped and all bets are off when it comes to getting the information he needs, and toppling his enemies.

You can slip away with a copy of the game on the 360 by parting with £17.99 at either Zavvi or Cool Shop UK, which is just over £4 cheaper than the next best deal of £22.10 from Tesco Entertainment.

Whilst the downsizing of stealth options might annoy hardcore fans of the series, it opens up a whole new range of gameplay options when it comes to dealing with inept guard patrols, although the options that remain to silently take down your enemies are incredibly rewarding to master.

The new opportunity to toy with your enemies, like a cat constantly picking up and releasing a mouse before initiating the unfortunate creature's demise, is great fun and you may well find yourself cackling an evil laugh or two at the fear you've created in your victims.

If you're in a tight spot with a couple of guards around you and you've previously managed to take down a few assailants without making any noise, then you'll be able to initiate executions which are a fantastic addition to the gameplay. They allow you to paint a few targets and once that's done Sam'll finish them off in quick succession.

Interrogations have been given a complete overhaul in this instalment and you can now move your snitch around a room for a shed load of brutal context sensitive moves, such as slamming them through a toilet cubicle door to be treated to the shocked face of the person occupying it, or slamming their head through a urinal.

Disappointingly the single player is far too short, however the co-op mode in addition to the multiplayer options will definitely extend the longevity of the game.

You'll revel in the experience that this game has to offer and getting hold of a copy for under £20 is a definite bonus!

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