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Splinter Cell Conviction £20.99 @ CoolShop UK [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
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Splinter Cell Conviction £20.99 @ CoolShop UK [PC Games]Opting for a sequel which placed less emphasis on the sneaky, slow-paced, and occasionally tedious stealth tactics which had always lurked at the core of the Splinter Cell franchise was a big gamble for Ubisoft. However, while the more accessible and fluid approach to gameplay might disappoint hardcore fans; you’d have to be a massive stickler for tradition not to enjoy the experience of Splinter Cell: Conviction.

You can now pick up a copy for £20.99 from Coolshop UK in a price which comes in almost £2 cheaper than the best offer from Tesco Entertainment. However, in a move which has enraged so many PC gamers, it appears that Ubisoft have decided to fight online piracy by releasing the game complete with the notorious DRM feature (something which is sure to encourage PC gamers to pick up a legitimate copy).

Ubisoft have managed to created a much more free flowing experience in Conviction - in part - thanks to the game’s brilliantly executed cover system. For once taking cover doesn’t feel awkward as you’re able to stick to objects by holding the left trigger and then tilt the analogue stick to move away whilst still maintaining a defensive posture. Moving between cover points is made easy by the game’s use of a rectangle which allows you to focus in on the next point you want to take cover. And watching Sam slickly traverse his way through the environment gives the game a sense of momentum which its predecessors lacked – not to mention the fact it also looks cool.

Another interesting feature is the ‘Execute ability’. This is a system which enables Sam to mark up to four enemy opponents and then, so long as the marker is red, take out the lot in one fail swoop. Indeed, this feature certainly gives you a real competitive edge which will be welcomed by those who got tired with constantly cowering in the shadows throughout previous SC games. Even though you’re ‘Execute Ability’ is limited, anyone after a bit more of a challenge will probably want to crank the difficulty up to ‘Realism’.

One the downside the single player mode lasts only about 5 hours, but Conviction has a whole host of multiplayer content including co-op missions which adds a ton of interesting extra content. It might not be quite what the Splinter Cell fan base were expecting, but Conviction’s overall quality won’t fail to ensure it appeals to both veterans and newcomers alike.

Thanks to DJ Farmo from Hotukdeals.

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