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Splinter Cell: Conviction - Limited Edition £16.97 @ Amazon [Xbox 360 Games]

Felix Kemp
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Splinter Cell: Conviction - Limited Edition £16.97 @ Amazon [Xbox 360 Games]

After a long and troubled development period, Splinter Cell: Conviction is finally here. If you missed out on it at release, then you can atone for that mistake and bag some discounted goodies, too, as the Limited Edition version of SC: Conviction is available for just £16.97 @ Amazon!

It's not the cheapest offer for Conviction, which can be found here, but the Limited Edition version does offer some some exclusive features. It's got the usual 'Making of' DVD, which chronicles the protracted development where the team at Ubisoft realised they had to completely change their vision of the game and realign it with another. You're also given a SPAS-12 shotgun, silenced no less, which is exclusive to the Limited Edition version. It also includes an invite to the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier BETA, which is supposed to go live sometime this summer.

Whereas previous Splinter Cells forced the ever-hunched over Sam Fisher to skulk in the shadows and only ever fire a weapon if it was at a light-bulb, Conviction ups the stakes, with Sam on the run, pursued by his former employers, Third Echelon, and desperately seeking revenge on the person(s) responsible for his daughter's death. As such, Sam's not so fussed with secrecy anymore. More often than not, enemies know Sam's around. Instead of dropping a few guards, dragging them into the shadows and repeating this in a few more rooms, Sam strikes from the shadows with ruthless force, leaving enemies battered and bruised before he employs his new ability, 'Mark and Execute', which allows him to tag enemies and finish them with a stylish camera-shot.

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